About Us

The demand for energypending to mine cryptocurrencies has set off a global scramble for inexpensive power, leading to the increased use of environmentally dirty fossil fuels, such as coal.

In response, governments are regulating mining companies, both to limit pollution and to lower the stress mining companies have placed on local power economies.

Soluna aims to address this problem by building computing centers powered by environmentally clean, utility-scale renewable green energy. Our mission is to power the crypto-economy with clean, low-cost renewable energy. To do this, we are building a blockchain infrastructure and mining company that owns its own renewable energy resources.

By developing renewable energy power plants dedicated to on-site, high-density computing, Soluna will add a unique innovation to the blockchain ecosystem: vertical integration.

Our energy systems and computing technology will be self-contained, distributed, scalable, and flexible, allowing us to achieve efficiencies only obtainable with utility-scale operations. Through this simple but effective approach, Soluna will be the infrastructure backbone of the blockchain revolution.

Our Unique Approach: Vertical Integration


100% Renewable Energy


High Performance Computing

Our Core Values

100% renewable energy, always.

We’re fully committed to clean power, both now and for the long term. By focusing on renewable energy, we’re building a business that’s sustainable for the future and increasing the footprint of green power globally.

Supporting local economies.

We believe in supporting the communities where we do business. We will recruit and train local talent in the regions where we operate, partnering with colleges and trade schools to employ the top technologists of tomorrow.

Total transparency.

We strive for openness in everything we do. As power generation becomes operational and mining begins, we will publish a daily hash power report, a quarterly operations report, and an annual token audit by Ernst and Young.