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What is Soluna?

We’re the first of our kind: a Blockchain company powered by its own private renewable energy. By harnessing the unlimited potential of sustainable energy, we’re supporting the next wave of innovations at scale. From cryptocurrency mining to other high-density computations, we’re empowering the Blockchain revolution.

Soluna plans to vertically integrate best-in-the-world renewable power generation experience and capabilities with blockchain computing facilities. By doing so, Soluna can mine cryptocurrencies more cheaply and with less adverse environmental impact than other companies.

Generate: Renewable Energy
Consume: Blockchain Computing

Soluna has assembled a team of experienced entrepreneurs, energy experts, and private equity professionals to lead the company in the blockchain ecosystem. It has also recruited a diverse strategic advisory board with the necessary experience to help the company achieve its goals.

  • John Belizaire Chief Executive Officer
  • Dipul Patel Chief Technology Officer
  • Phillip Ng Vice President, Corporate Development
  • Larbi Loudiyi Managing Director, A.M. Wind

Soluna’s flagship site comprises 37,000 acres in Morocco with over 900 MW of wind power potential available for development. It is a Class I wind site, meaning it has an average wind speed (measured at the maximum hub height of a turbine) of at least 10 m/s (22 mph).

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