The Moroccan
Wind Farm Project

One of the Windiest Sites in the World

The wind farm site is a Class I site in an area known for some of the best wind resources in the world (see wind map).

The Plan

Soluna will develop the flagship wind site in a modular fashion called Pods. Each Pod comprises 12MW of power generation, an associated storage system, and a 6MW cryptocurrency mining or Blockchain computing center. The full site can accommodate approximately 75 Pods, based on current turbine technology. The entire infrastructure will be developed in accordance with the applicable Moroccan laws and regulations.

The first phase will consist of three Pods, or the equivalent of 36MW of energy production capacity, and 18MW of computing facilities with the ability to produce 160,882 tera hash per second.

Soluna has acquired the rights to a 37,000 acre wind farm site in southern Morocco.